I believe young people need to be seen and heard, and provided guidance, by knowledgeable and wise adults. This is what true initiation is. Wise elders have been doing this for their young for millennia. Lloyd knows how important this is, and he knows how to do it. The Twin Cities are fortunate to have Lloyd living here—he’s truly a living local treasure…— Eric Utne / Founder UTNE READER




In 2012 Fools Productions established a Circus Mentorship Program to provide professional training and showcase opportunities for aspiring circus artists. Each spring participants will perform in Fools Productions’ annual Cirque de la Loon.

In 1993 Lloyd Brant and Rosie Cole founded Minneapolis’ first circus arts program at City of Lakes Waldorf School (CLWS). Every year the CLWS Circus Arts Program presents what has become a beloved annual student circus performance. It remains to this day the longest running circus arts program in the Twin Cities.

Lloyd and Rosie realized that through directing the CLWS Circus Arts Program they had created a body of work, a technique of teaching, and a style of performance, that has trained a generation of students. Reflecting on this work Lloyd and Rosie also realized that what they have created is much larger than themselves.

Many of Lloyd and Rosie’s students have gone-on to study at Circus Juventas, Circus Smirkus and Xelias Aerial Arts. A few students have become true stars such as Reid Belstock from the award winning juggling team Smirk and Caleb Carinci-Asch who is currently a star performer with the world famous equestrian circus Cavalia. These two former students have agreed to step up to leadership roles in Fools Productions’ Circus Mentorship Program. International Juggling Association’s Silver Medalists, Reid Belstock and his partner Warren Hammond of Smirk are the lead mentors in 2012.

In 1992 Lloyd trained Mr Belstock while directing the Disney Entertainment Arts Festival in Orlando, Florida. Mr. Belstock has enjoyed a 20-year career sense receiving Lloyd’s training at Disney. Now Belstock is thrilled to come to Minneapolis for the opportunity to again work under Lloyd’s direction, as well as the challenge and satisfaction of being a mentor. Mr. Belstock with his 2 decades of profession experience is the perfect choice to kick off the inaugural year of our Circus Mentorship Program.

In 2014 look for news about star mentor Caleb Carinci-Asch when his tour with Cavalia concludes in China.